July 14, 2023

Workshop - Reducing Spot Purchases with SAP: Strategies and Best Practices

In today's business landscape, operational efficiency and cost reduction are key priorities for any organization. However, many companies face challenges in managing spot purchases, which can result in unnecessary expenses and lack of control. But don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you! Introducing the "Reducing Spot Purchases with SAP: Strategies and Best Practices" workshop, brought to you by B2RISE in partnership with the renowned Live University. In this exclusive workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore the full potential of SAP ERP system functionalities to reduce spot purchases and optimize your procurement operations.

Highlighted Topics:

  1. Prerequisites: Categorization and master data management
    Before delving into spot purchase reduction strategies, it is crucial to establish a strong foundation. In this topic, we will discuss the importance of proper categorization and efficient master data management to ensure a solid basis for your procurement operations.
  2. Management reporting for immediate action mapping
    Information is power. Discover how to leverage effective management reports to identify immediate action points and make informed decisions. This approach will enable you to quickly identify areas for improvement and take proactive steps to reduce spot purchases.
  3. Contract maximization
    Well-managed contracts can be a powerful tool for reducing spot purchases. In this topic, we will explore strategies to maximize the value of your contracts, ensuring better negotiations and avoiding unplanned purchases.
  4. Source List management
    Efficient Source List management is essential to avoid unnecessary spot purchases. We will delve into best practices for proper LOF management, where you will learn how to utilize this powerful tool to secure reliable sources of supply and make informed decisions.
  5. Automation routines
    Automation is the key to streamlining processes and reducing errors. Discover how to implement automation routines to simplify manual tasks, save time, and minimize unplanned spot purchases.
  6. MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) catalog for MRO purchases
    MRO purchases often involve spot purchases. Learn how to utilize a specialized MRO catalog to reduce reliance on spot purchases and ensure a steady flow of supplies.
  7. Embracing new technologies and exchanging experiences
    To stay ahead of the competition, it is crucial to adopt new technologies and stay updated on market best practices. In this topic, we will discuss the importance of exploring new technologies and exchanging experiences with other professionals to drive efficiency and reduce spot purchases.

Don't let spot purchases hinder your procurement operations. Seize the opportunity to join our "Reducing Spot Purchases with SAP: Strategies and Best Practices" workshop and discover how the SAP ERP system can unlock the potential to optimize your operations, reduce costs, and ensure efficient procurement management. Don't miss this chance to propel the success of your organization. Enroll now for this exclusive event in partnership with Live University.

Workshop Details:

📅 Date: 15/08/2023

⌚ Time: 09:00 BRT

⌛ Estimated Duration: 3 hours

📍 Location: Online

Secure your spot now! Click here to register for the "Reducing Spot Purchases with SAP: Strategies and Best Practices" workshop and learn how to optimize your procurement operations, reduce costs, and achieve exceptional results.

About the Organizers: B2RISE is a software development company specialized in procurement and maintenance solutions. In partnership with the renowned Live University, we are committed to delivering the best content and experience to our participants. The workshop will be conducted by Gustavo Simil, co-founder of B2RISE, with extensive experience in SAP implementations and Supply Chain projects for globally recognized companies such as Braskem, Gerdau, Suzano, Vale, and YDUQS. Join us in this unmissable event and take your procurement strategies to new heights.

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